Poor or no internet connection?

In short: the App works without the internet. But you have to download the roabooks for offline use beforehand.

Competitors will be able to download the roadbooks in the app for offline use 20 minutes before their start times. The app will try to sync data to the servers all the time. If there is no internet available, the app will wait until it becomes available. So, in the worst-case scenario:
  1. The competitor downloads the roadbook in the app before the start.
  2. He disables the internet connection.
  3. Drives the event.
  4. At the finish, the compettor enables the internet connection.
  5. The app sends data to the server and the system calculates results/penalties etc.

Downside from the organizer point of view - you as an organizer will not be able to see live location and other live data (for example, speed, if the competitor is stopped, etc) for competitors who have no active internet connection.

Downside from the competitor point of view - the organizer will not be able to see your live location and other live data (speed, if you have stopped, etc), and offer timely support if needed. We recommend you have an active internet connection while participating in the Event

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