How to download the Track/Roadbook?

Here are the straightforward steps to load the roadbook in the RBR Roadbook Reader app:
  1. Download RBR Roadbook Reader App:
    Download and install the RBR Roadbook Reader app.
  2. Enter the track/roadbook PIN Code:
    The PIN code is used to quickly download the track to the RBR Roadbook Reader app. No need to create an account.
    Open the app and enter the track PIN code. The track will instantly download to the app.
  3. Ride:
    Start your ride. Roadbook is loaded for offline use.

How to share my tracks (roadbooks or GPX trails)?

Where to find the PIN codes?

How do I add/upload a track (Roadbook or GPX trail) to RoadbookRally platform?

Roadbook loading process in the app via PIN in the video below: Enter roadbook pin, ride!

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