How to participate in the Event?

  • Discover the event you wish to join by browsing Events page.

    When you register for an event on our platform, the event's track/roadbook will be ready for you on race day without the need for passwords or pins. It just works.

    *RoadbookRally.com offers a more convenient and modern solution for roadbook navigation compared to traditional paper setups. With just an Android phone or tablet, you can access all the necessary navigation tools without the need for additional equipment.
  • How to register for the Event?
    If the Event registration is open, you will find the "Register for the Event" button under the left menu in the Event page.
  • After registration, download the "RBR Roadbook Reader" App on your Android device.
    Download on Google Play store
  • Open "My Events" in the app.

    *Use your RoadbookRally.com
    credentials to Log In.
    Open My Events in the App
  • App: My Events

    If your status is "pending," wait until the organizer accepts your entry. What do competitor statuses mean?
    You will be able to download roadbook for offline use two days before the event starts.
    Go to the start location (You can click on the GPS coordinates to open you favourite navigation app).
    The "Open Roadbook" button in "My Events" becomes available 20 minutes before your start time.
    Open the roadbook.
    My Events in the RBR Roadbook Reader App
  • Your next steps depend on the start type of the section!

    There exists "Standing", "Rolling start" and "Rolling Start with Time Window" section start types. Read more about Section start types here

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