Event Track "visibility" explained

Event Tracks (Roadbooks & GPX Trails), regardless of their visibility status, are made available exclusively to "accepted" event competitors according to their scheduled date and time, and section settings. These tracks automatically disappear from competitor devices once the event is over.

You have options to set your Event Tracks as either private or unlisted:
  • private: Access to private event tracks is exclusive to Event Organizer Team administrators. These administrators can access these tracks in the RBR Roadbook Reader app under "Tracks" -> "My Tracks". Additionally, competitors assigned the status 'tester' can also access these tracks.
  • unlisted: An unlisted track is accessible to anyone with the specific PIN or link. It does not appear on the RoadbookRally.com "Tracks" page. This option is suitable for sharing the track for ride-testing purposes without making it public and without the need to add people to the Event Organizer Team administrators list.

How to test-ride event tracks and itinerary?

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