How do I add/upload a track (Roadbook or GPX trail)?

To add your track, you must first upload it to RoadbookRally.com. Once uploaded, the track becomes accessible through the RoadbookRally platform, allowing you to manage and share it as needed.

You can access your tracks in the RBR Roadbook Reader app under the "Tracks -> My Tracks" section. Additionally, there's a feature that allows you to share your track (Roadbook or GPX trail), by providing its PIN code or link to others (if its visibility is set to "unlisted" or "public"). This makes it easy to distribute your tracks to fellow riders.

Here are the steps to take:
    • Roadbook:
      The RoadbookRally.com platform only supports the "OpenRally GPX" digital roadbook format and does not accept PDF files.
      Export the roadbook from Rally Navigator: File -> Export -> OpenRally GPX
    • GPX Trail:
      For a simple GPX trace file, the only navigation option is "GPX trail" in the RBR Roadbook Reader app. This mode displays the GPX trail with waypoints on a map for navigation.
      The RoadbookRally.com system will automatically generate waypoints for you if no waypoints found in the uploaded file. Alternatively, you can use tools like Rally Navigator or gpx.studio to manually set speed zones and waypoints for your GPX trace files. This flexibility allows you to customize your navigation experience according to your needs.
  1. Go to RoadbookRally.com Organizer tools -> My Tracks
  2. Click on the button "Create new Track"
  3. Fill in the track (Roadbook or GPX trail) info, and you are good to go! The track will appear in the "RBR Roadbook Reader" app under Tracks -> My Tracks. You can quickly share this track with anyone by giving them the PIN code or sending the link to the RoadbookRally.com track page (if track visibility is set to "unlisted" or "public")
  4. Control your track visibility/access with a visibility property. You can instantly remove your track from all devices by changing its visibility to "private"

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