How to share tracks?

Sharing your tracks (roadbooks and GPX trails) with the RoadbookRally platform is free and simple. No need to download files or hassle with moving them to devices and importing!

  1. Upload the track (Roadbook or GPX trail):
    Upload the roadbook to RoadbookRally.com under "Organizer tools" -> "My Tracks".
    Learn more: How do I add/upload a track (Roadbook or GPX trail)?
  2. Share the PIN Code:
    Each track (Roadbook and GPX trail) is assigned a PIN code. Share this PIN code with the relevant people.
    Learn more:
    How to load the track (roadbook or gpx rail) in the RBR Roadbook Reader app?
    What is a Track/Roadbook PIN code?
  3. Control Access:
    Manage track access and more! P.S. You can instantly remove your track from all devices by changing its visibility to "private"

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