Roadbooks typically include various waypoints distributed along the track, with some being concealed and others visible.

Waypoints serve to communicate speed limits, verify that you are on the correct route, or address other specific purposes. Learn more: Types of waypoints

Waypoints should be validated/cleared in a sequential order, but it is possible to skip and/or miss them. The system will assign a penalty for missed waypoints as per event penalty rules.

If you miss a waypoint, you can choose between two options:
A. Return and "Validate" the waypoint to avoid any penalty (if allowed to ride backwards per event rules).
B. Decide to "Skip" the waypoint and proceed, which incurs a 10-20 minute penalty.

The waypoint validation process usually is as follows:
When the rider is within the open radius of a visible waypoint, the app shows an arrow pointing towards it. Information about the distance to the waypoint and the waypoint number is also provided. Waypoint arrow Upon entering the validation radius (smaller than the open radius), the waypoint is considered validated (cleared), the validated waypoint count increases, and the app will emit a sound.
Caution: only the next (current) waypoint in the sequence will "open" by showing the arrow to the waypoint. For example, WP#10 will not open if you have not validated WP#9. You have to validate WP#9 or manually skip it (by tapping on the top left button).

If the rider leaves the open radius without validating the waypoint, it becomes closed, and the arrow disappears. Re-entering the open radius will reopen the waypoint.

Hidden waypoints get validated when the rider enters the validation radius.

Certain waypoints, like Eclipse Waypoint (WPE), End of Speed Zone (FZ), or Checkpoints, will open immediately after the previous one is validated.

Once a waypoint is validated, it won't reopen or revalidate.

Each waypoint may have different open and validation radii, regardless of their type. Penalties for missed waypoints and waypoint "Open" and "Validate/Clear" radius is defined by the Event Organizer.

CAUTION: The arrow in the RBR app points straight to the Waypoint. The rider must follow the course to get to the Waypoint. Heading straight towards the arrow could lead to encountering dangerous obstacles!

In other words: Depending on the waypoint type, the RBR app, indicated with an arrow, directs the crews toward a waypoint only after they have validated the previous waypoint or if they have entered its opening radius. To validate a waypoint, the crew must pass within its validation radius. The exact opening and validation radii are listed in the following table. Learn more: Track Leaderboard and penalties for missed waypoints FIM waypoint open and clear radii table

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