Public, unlisted, private Track/roadbook visibility?

You can make your Tracks (Roadbooks & GPX Trails) public, private or unlisted.
  • public: track will be listed publicly on RoadbookRally.com Tracks page
  • unlisted: track will not be listed on the RoadbookRally.com Tracks page. But anyone with the PIN code will be able to download track to the app (you can send PIN code to anyone)
  • private: no one can load this track, except you. If you login into the app using your RoadbookRally.com credentials, you will get access to all of your tracks under "My Tracks" section in the app.

P.S. If the track is downloaded to the RBR Roadbook Reader and you set its visibility to "private", the roadbook will disappear from the App.

The "Tracks" page on RoadbookRally.com provides access to public roadbooks for anyone to use at any time. However, it is important to ensure that the chosen route is entirely lawful and does not trespass on private property or public parks, unless all required permits have been obtained.

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