Poor or no internet connection?

The app is functional even without an internet connection.

You will be able to download the track (roadbook) to the RBR Roadbook Reader app for offline use confirmed by a green YES, as illustrated in the screenshot below.
* GPX trails will not work in offline mode because you have to download the maps to see where you are riding (we are working on offline maps support)

During the ride, the app will make ongoing efforts to synchronize competitor GPS data with the servers (and recalculate leaderboard results & penalties). In instances where an internet connection is unavailable, the app will gather data and hold it until a connection is re-established for synchronization.

If you do not see your results or replay, please make sure you have synced the data with the servers.
  • Open the RBR app and navigate to the home screen
  • Ensure there is no red text saying "Trying to sync location data..."

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