Track structure errors

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  • Speed limit outside the Speed Control Zone (DZ) is not allowed!

    Add DZ (Start Speed Control Zone) and FZ (End Speed Control Zone) waypoints or remove the speed limit.
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • Speed limit changes in the Speed Control Zone (DZ) must be marked with a DZ waypoint!

    Add another DZ (Start Speed Control Zone) waypoint or remove the speed limit.
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • DZ must have a speed limit!

    Add speed limit or remove DZ waypoint
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • FZ is not allowed to have a speed limit!

    Remove the speed limit
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • DN (Start Neutralisation Zone) must have a matching FN (Finish Neutralisation Zone)!

    Add matching FN (Finish Neutralisation Zone).
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • DZ (Start Speed Control Zone) must have a matching FZ (Finish Speed Control Zone)!

    Add FZ (Finish Speed Control Zone)
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • Waypoint 'clear' radii must not overlap!

    Waypoints can overlap if they are not in consecutive order.

    To resolve this, you can either relocate one of the waypoints, add a new waypoint between them if feasible, or adjust the radii sizes. However, be cautious not to make the radii too small.
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • The track is too close to or crossing the Waypoint 'clear' radius multiple times!

    Exists a possibility of unintended WP validation. Also, please be aware that the riders' odometer will be recalibrated automatically upon waypoint validation. If waypoints are validated at the wrong passage time/order, the odometer on the app may recalibrate to the wrong distance.

    There exists a 25 meters invisible "buffer" zone around the waypoint validation radius.
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • The track crosses the Waypoint 'open' radius more than once!

    The DTW arrow could potentially cause confusion for riders, appearing seemingly 'out of order'.
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • The track start area location is too close to the first waypoint!

    It is possible to trigger false positives. The track start area should be positioned at least 100 meters, plus the waypoint 'clear' radius (typically 90 meters), before the first waypoint location.

    Move start are location further away. Or move the first waypoint a bit further away from the start area location (track start point).
    Track Configuration Rule Example
  • Unable to construct a valid speed zone!

    Sometimes your track line overlaps. Because of the overlap, waypoints are located exactly on the same track line. This is not allowed.

    Please move your track lines so that they are seperated.
    Track Configuration Rule Example

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