What happens at DN (neutralization zone)?

Neutralization zone usually is used for refueling during a Selective Section.

The RoadbookRally.com platform and app will detect neutralization zones and their allotted times from your roadbook automatically.
neutralization zone, roadbook screenshot DN - Beginning of the neutralization zone (DN countdown starts, in above example: 15 minutes)
FN - End of the neutralization zone (you can cross the FN waypoint when the countdown reaches zero)

The RBR Roadbook Reader App will show the countdown after “clearing” the DN waypoint, but you as a rider have a responsibility to check your entry time at the DN to make sure you know your exit time at the FN (in this example it's 15 minutes).

Early exit from the DN zone (by crossing the FN waypoint) will be penalized.
The countdown timer in the App is just a recommendation. The rider is responsible for the actual FN exit time.

The place to await exiting the DN zone: Crossing FN can be done once the time has expired. So, as long as there is a place to park, you can wait right at the FN center point. Feel free to wait somewhere else (before the FN). Time your ride so that you cross the FN as the time expires.

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