Track Leaderboard

  • If you want your ride to be analyzed and displayed on the track leaderboard, you must log into the RBR app using your RoadbookRally.com profile (you will see a red "Recording" badge at the top right of the RBR app screen). This "Recording" badge indicates that your ride data will be automatically sent to RoadbookRally.com for analysis.
  • The Track Leaderboard is where your ride results and penalties will be displayed. Here, you can compare your results with other riders who have completed the same track.
  • All tracks use the "Open Rolling Start" start type and flying finish.
  • Your ride result will appear on the track leaderboard approximately 10 minutes after you finish your ride.
  • For your ride to be listed on the leaderboard, you must clear/validate at least one waypoint, and your ride distance must be at least 1km.
  • Control your ride privacy: If you choose to mask (anonymize) your identification data on the Leaderboard, it will also be masked on the Replay page. This means that your ride details will not be visible to others (except the track owner), ensuring privacy for your activities on both the Leaderboard and the Replay page.
  • You can ride the same track multiple times (to start a new ride, tap the 'Restart' button on the track). The system will log your rides and display the count in the "Ride No." column on the leaderboard to ensure fairness for all participants. Although you can ride the same track multiple times and choose to mask undesirable results, the consecutive order of your rides cannot be altered.
  • Only the track owner has the authority to delete your ride completely, and deleted rides will not reset the "Ride No.".

Penalty rules for Track Leaderboard
Please note: As this is a BETA version of Track Leaderboards, all features and rules are provisional and may be adjusted in response to user (your!) input and testing results.

No stop at STOP sign:
  • Applies a 3-minute penalty if the speed within the stop point radius (30 meters) exceeds 1 km/h.
Early exit from the neutralization zone (DN): Speeding:
RoadbookRally.com has developed a scaling penalty system for speed-limited tracks in the navigation rally sport. This system aims to consistently penalize a breaching rider by considering both the degree to which the speed limit was exceeded and the duration of the violation. The system is designed to ensure that penalties are substantial enough to deter speeding while being balanced enough not to disproportionately affect the ride result.
  • Speeding tolerance limits: Riders may exceed the speed limit by up to 3 seconds and 3 km/h without incurring a penalty (inclusive). The tolerance limit acts as a grace period for riders who briefly exceed the speed limit.
  • Calculation of penalties: The tolerance limit is factored into the penalty calculations. A penalty is applied for the full extent of the breach. For example, if the speed limit is exceeded by 5 km/h, the penalty is calculated based on the entire 5 km/h excess; the 3 km/h tolerance is not subtracted from the penalty calculation.
  • P.S.: Speeding penalty rules for events are established by the event organizers.
Penalties for missed waypoints:
  • WPE: 10-minute penalty
  • WPN: 60-minute penalty
  • WPP: 2-minute penalty
  • ExCP: 2-hour penalty
  • DSS, ASS, DN, FN, DT, FT: 6-hour penalty.
  • All other waypoints: 15-minute penalty
  • P.S.: Missed waypoint penalty rules for events are established by the event organizers.

Reminder from the Terms of Service: RoadbookRally does not take responsibility for any track conditions and explicitly states that the tracks are not designed for riding in competition mode. You have to follow traffic and any other laws. RoadbookRally services and tracks are solely intended for training and ride analysis purposes. Participants must use the tracks accordingly or not use them at all, and acknowledge that RoadbookRally will not be liable for any incidents or liabilities arising from any type of services, track and/or event usage.

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