Organize and navigate your rallies and roadbooks with ease simplifies the process of organizing roadbook rallies of any size, providing features such as event creation, roadbook access scheduling, competitor registration, online tracking, real-time results, historical data and more. The platform also offers a streamlined experience for riders by delivering digital roadbooks exclusively and only during the rally event. And a smooth and intuitive experience for riders.
  • Roadbooks cannot be shared (limited access)
  • The roadbook file is used to automatically identify speed limit zones, which are then penalized based on the event penalties configuration
  • Built-in scoring system with features such as live results (instant) live tracking, speeding penalties and more
  • Neutralization zones, such as those used for refueling during a Selective Section, are automatically detected from the roadbook file
  • Supports multi-class, multi-section (including prologue) events
  • Allows for late updates to the roadbook (up to the very last minute)
  • Option to import from Rally Navigator (OpenRally/GPX format)
  • Recording of riders' routes and ability to view past rides, compare the results
  • Offline support in the app (data sync when a connection becomes available)
  • Roadbook structure validation
  • FAQ for event organizers
  • and more features coming soon...

Roadbook Rally Reader App

Roadbook Rally Reader Application Navigate roadbooks digitally, like in the Dakar Rally (this is not a PDF reader).
The ultimate navigation tool for riders and event organizers. Navigate with ease using all the necessary instruments, speed zones, waypoints, direction arrows, and more. The app's intelligent scrolling feature makes navigation effortless and the app is customizable to each user's preferences. Compatible with any Bluetooth remote in the market, this app is a must-have for any rally event.
Experience seamless navigation and never miss a turn again with the Roadbook Rally Reader App!

App Features:

  • Free
  • Waypoint and speed zone aware navigation (validation support)
  • Compatibility with external input devices and device's own buttons
  • Autoscroll: ride even if you do not have an external input devices
  • One-click waypoint scrolling
  • Option to choose the number of waypoint rows to display
  • Built-in tripmeter with adjustable distance
  • One-click tripmeter adjustment
  • Speed limit indicator through background color change
  • Option to set the "main waypoint" on the first or second row
  • Zoom feature to view tulip or notes in full screen mode
  • Real-time waypoint color changes indicating approaching turns (set modern DTW style in options)
  • Accurate speed and CAP displays
  • GPX track navigation
  • Customizable to each rider's preferences
  • and more...
Download on Google Play store
Download on Apple App store
The iOS app is in development and should only be used for testing and navigating single tracks with PINs.
Do not use iOS app for events; it's not stable yet. For event participation, use Android.
Bluetooth buttons are not supported on iOS yet.

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