Track Replay

  • If you want your ride to be analyzed and displayed on the track replay, you must log into the RBR app using your RoadbookRally.com profile (you will see a red "Recording" badge at the top right of the RBR app screen). This "Recording" badge indicates that your ride data will be automatically sent to RoadbookRally.com for analysis.
  • Track Replay provides a visual comparison of your ride with others on the map, simulating a synchronized start.
  • You can access detailed information about your ride, including GPS position, speed, accuracy, penalties, and other relevant data. This eliminates guesswork about the timing and location of any mistakes made during the ride.
  • To ensure fair leaderboards, access to replays is limited to those who have previously completed the track. Once you've driven the track, you'll be able to view the replay. For tracks with "Navigation by GPX trail", replays are available instantly, as everyone can see the actual GPX trail.
  • Replays are available for all versions of the track that have been ridden. Occasionally, tracks may require updates, usually minor ones. You can compare rides for each track version.
  • If you "retire" from the ride by not crossing the finish waypoint (ASS), your partial ride replay will become available approximately two hours after the end of your ride.
  • Control your ride replay privacy: If you decide to mask (anonymize) your identification data on the Leaderboard, it will also be masked on the Replay page. This means that your ride details will not be visible to others (except the track owner), ensuring privacy for your activities on both the Leaderboard and the Replay page.

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