How do the payments and entry fees work?

  • Competitors can use RBR Roadbook Reader app and RoadbookRally.com services for free
  • Competitors should pay the entry fee to the Event organizer
  • RoadbookRally.com does not collect any fees from competitors
  • RoadbookRally.com service usage fees are collected from the Event organizer after the event is ended. Quickly estimate fee per competitor with our pricing page.

Event entry fee: You should calculate the Event entry fee for each class manually and information about the entry fees should be included in the event description.

Payments: Currently it is not possible to collect entry fees online (this feature is coming soon!)

RBR Roadbook Reader App: free

How do I know if the competitor paid the entry fee?

Currently, payments and entry fee collection have to be managed manually. Meaning, you should include information about how to make an entry fee payment in the event description (bank details, Stripe checkout link, or something like that). After the competitor makes the payment to you personally, you can set his status to "accepted" and mark as "paid". Currently, you can use the competitor "paid" status as a means to manage for yourself who has paid and who has not paid. Status "accepted" is needed to set start and access times for the event sections/roadbooks.

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