Auto-skipping missed waypoints

Auto-skipping missed waypoints is a special RoadbookRally feature designed for event organizers to give riders a way to seamlessly bypass one or more waypoints. When the rider validates WPP, all previously missed waypoints will be automatically marked in the RBR Roadbook Reader app as skipped.

Typically (to skip a waypoint), riders would need to manually select "skip a waypoint" in the RBR Roadbook Reader app to proceed to the next waypoint. However, if you prefer not to require your (sometimes less experienced) riders to manually skip waypoints in the app, you can utilize the "auto-skip" feature.

  • Seamless "chicken way" functionality on your track (with penalty for skipping the main route).
  • For whatever other reason: inexperienced riders do not have to manually skip the waypoints in the RBR Roadbook Reader app.
Seamless Navigation: Seamlessly auto-skipping previously missed waypoints in the RBR Roadbook Reader app once a designated point on the track is reached, eliminating the need for riders to manually interact with the app.
Invisible Waypoint: this feature works with WPP, which is invisible to riders in the track, possibly preventing confusion or disruption during the ride.

Auto-skipping missed waypoints works only with the WPP (PRECISE WAYPOINT). You can "Enable missed waypoints auto-skip feature on WPP validation" for each event class individually.

Instead of manually penalizing riders for deviating from the official route, the system automatically imposes a time penalty for skipped waypoints. You can set penalties for skipped (missed) waypoints in event penalties menu as usual.

How to implement the "chicken way" on your track?

Example of the track: Chicken way You have marked "Chicken way" with some signs in the nature.
1.WPW - this location is very hard and muddy
2.WPP - this is the end point where official route and chicken way route comes back together.

WPP is invisible to riders in the roadbook. In this case it marks the point where all previously missed waypoints (1.WPV) are auto-marked as skipped in the app. This means that if a rider chooses to take the chicken way, subsequent waypoints (after validating the 2.WPP) will continue to work as usual (as if 1.WPP would have been validated or manually skipped), ensuring seamless navigation.

What does the term "chicken way" mean?

"Chicken way" refers to a type of off-road motorcycle racing or trail riding where an alternative route is provided for riders who find certain sections too difficult or dangerous. These alternative routes are often referred to as "chicken lines" or "chicken ways." They allow less experienced or cautious riders to bypass challenging obstacles or sections of the course, hence the term "chicken way." This setup encourages riders of varying skill levels to participate in the event while still maintaining safety. The term is commonly used in enduro and off-road motorcycle communities.

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