How to test-ride event tracks and itinerary?

Event organizer (and event team members) can access all event tracks (roadbooks and GPX trails) on the "RBR Roadbook Reader" app under "My Tracks" page.

Test-ride event tracks by sharing the track PIN code:
When you set the event track visibility to "unlisted", you can share the track link or PIN code with anyone for easy access for track ride-testing purposes (even before the event starts). Track replay and leaderboard will be available instantly and independently of the event results. You can test-ride the track as many times as needed, upload new versions, test again. All track version data (replays, leaderboards, and any penalties incurred) will be available for you to analyze.

Test-ride event itinerary by giving access to some of the competitors:
You can grant access to some competitors for event itinerary test-ride purposes by setting their status to "tester." Testers will be able to access the event itinerary in the RBR Roadbook Reader app under "My Events" even before the event starts.

Testers will not appear on the event start list, results, or replays. Only competitors with "accepted" status will be shown in all areas.

After completing the test ride, you can change the competitor status from "tester" to "accepted." This will allow you to view the results, replay, and any penalties incurred. Feel free to experiment. You can change the status back to "tester" later.

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