Speeding penalties

  • Speeding and missed waypoint penalties can be configured according to your event needs.
  • Calculate penalties based on time, speed, or "time gained". Incorporate tolerance periods for speeding, set specific penalties for early exits from DN zones, and customize penalties for each waypoint type, including penalties for ignoring STOP signs, among other features.

    You can update the penalty rules at any time, and the results will be recalculated instantly, although for larger events, recalculation may take up to a couple of minutes.

    Looking for penalty rules for Track Leaderboard?
  • Acceleration/Deceleration zones are respected as per FIM regulations. You can read more about FIM rules about acceleration/deceleration in speed zones here: FIM Cross-Country Regulations (from page 56)

    80.16.2 The speed of a competitor will be limited (penalized) to the maximum speed allowed between the point of entry and exit point of the zone, regardless of the route taken between these two points.
  • Information regarding speeding infractions and the number of times the violation occurred can be viewed in the results section, as well as on the replay page.

    In this example, competitor #7 exceeded the speed limit four times. You can view on the map where these violations occurred and for how long they persisted.

    See the replay with penalties for yourself!
  • As the event administrator, you will have the capability to edit a competitor's status, and adjust the duration of the violation, either by increasing or decreasing it.

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