Skip a waypoint

Waypoints should be validated/cleared in a sequential order, but it is possible to skip and/or miss them. The system will assign a penalty for missed waypoints as per event penalty rules.

To skip a waypoint (mark it as missed), competitors need to manually move the RBR Roadbook Reader app to the next waypoint (tap on the top left corner button and choose "W+"), otherwise, the app will continue to point towards the missed one.
Typically, a 15-minute penalty is given for each missed or skipped waypoint. It's mandatory to validate all waypoints to avoid penalties. RBR Roadbook Reader skip a waypoint feature
If riders do not manually select "skip a waypoint", the RBR app will continue to point towards the missed one. Riders can complete the ride ignoring waypoints and their statuses in the RBR app. The system will calculate actually missed waypoints by the driven path. Meaning, the penalty system does not care if the rider marked the waypoint in the RBR app as skipped or not. The system will calculate missed waypoints per fact.
In other words: competitor can get lost, miss some waypoints, then find his way back on the track and validate some other waypoints. He will be penalised only for the actually missed waypoints.

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