Can an event have multiple stages, classes and sections (roadbooks and GPX trails)?

Yes, an event can have multiple classes and sections (also known as a "timed section", "selective section", "special stage", "special section" or "selective stage").

Each section can be a roadbook or GPX trail, each with a starting date and time.
You can create multiple sections using a single track file.

Several classes (motorcycles, SSV, cars, etc.) can be created to enforce segregation based on different routes, distances, categories, and other factors.
Competitors of the event will have access to all sections on the corresponding set date in the corresponding competitor class.

There are many configurations possible. Here is one simple example:
If you are organizing an event with one roadbook (one track file) and two classes, you should create a single section (using the previously uploaded track file) that will be attached to both classes.

Event itinerary categorization by stages (days) is coming soon.

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